Welcome to our house , AROMAHAUS -The haus of Aromachology-

We have a longstanding and trustworthy relationship with this company. We have searched worldwide and decided on this perfume distillery because it has been in operation from the 1800s and offers highly skilled staff and natural botanical compounds and are accredited to European Standards and Regulations. After all the blending and mellowing at the secret laboratory in the Bronberg Mountains, these wonderful and joyful fragrances are then send to an SABS ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility and packaged in recyclable glass. Aromahaus assists to create jobs by supporting this manufacturing house who employs South African workers.
Four fragrance ranges are available: Rose of Persia fragrance with Rose Essential Oil (the essence of the Orient and Arabian/Moroccan nights) Venetian Vanilla fragrance with Neroli Essential Oil (celebrating Venice in all her glory with layers of vanilla and frangipani) Japanese Green Tea fragrance with Clary Sage Essential Oil (a sandalwood blend with soft woody and spice notes) Lavender de Provence fragrance with Lavender Essential Oil (the true honest fragrance of lavender fields of France – captured in a bottle)

Each range contains the following products but are also sold separately:

  • Home Fragrance 50ml
  • Pure Glycerine Soap 150g
  • Bath Foam 500ml
  • Rock Salt 500g
  • Foaming Bath Crystals 500g
  • Foaming Bath Oil 200ml
  • Body Cream 200ml
  • Silk Hand Wash 500ml
  • Pillow Spray 200ml


Please contact us via e-mail and we will send you a full product catalogue and price list with our contact number: Sons Coetzee Aromahaus Pure Fragrances P O Box 11497 Tiegerpoort 0056 PRETORIA SOUTH AFRICA sons@aromahaus.co.za